College Rivalries, Meet Democracy

November 12, 2018

Beat Kaspar Baudenbacher, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of loyalkaspar, is a guest contributor for the ALL IN Challenge.

Day in and day out, we’re concerned with making a difference, big or small. Are we being respectful on our commute? When we encounter injustice, do we try to make it right or do we sit back, put our heads down and sigh? Do we go out of our way to improve the world around us? As a creative agency, loyalkaspar is focused on building brands through creative communication; as such, we often question our contribution to the cultural discourse. Does our work and our process reflect empathy, honesty, and integrity? Does it even matter?

With the constant stream of news, it’s easy to feel helpless and discouraged by the weight of it all. But do we sit back at our desks and watch as democracy crumbles around us? Absolutely not! We have the passion. We have the resources. We have a voice and it’s important to us, as people and as a company, that we do everything we can to make the world a better place.

Good branding can make a brand, but great branding can make a difference. We were tired of feeling helpless and tired of asking ourselves what can we do? So, we looked to our community of creatives and joined the Creative Alliance, a community of like-minded creatives with the same commitment to contribute. If grassroots campaigns for social good had the same quality creative of some of the biggest brands in the world, maybe that would make a bigger impact, alert more people, and encourage more involvement. And maybe, just maybe, we could help them get there. Being a member of the Creative Alliance allows us to lend our resources to the greater good and work together to make a difference. And to make a difference, we need to vote.

The importance of voting is something we as a community communicate loudly to one another, but as politically active adults living in New York City, are we really the demographic that needs the most encouragement? In the 2014 midterm elections, CIRCLEreported that nearly 80% of people ages 18-29 did not show up to vote. Considering the impact that 9.9 million more informed voters could have on an election is enough to make us do everything in our power to help the cause. If we get out and vote for the change we yearn for, we’ll feel represented instead of feeling burned or unheard. Red, blue, purple, green, it doesn’t matter if we don’t vote.

When Creative Alliance came to us with idea of doing an ad spot for the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, we jumped at the opportunity to help support our democratic system. The ALL IN Challenge is a national, nonprofit initiative recognizing colleges and universities for improving civic learning, political engagement, and student voting rates. The team at loyalkaspar was excited to support the ALL IN Challenge by creating a video spot for the Big Ten Voting Challenge (BTVC) which taps into the competitive spirit of college campuses and brings it to the ballot box. By participating in the BTVC, students at the 14 campuses in the Big Ten Athletic Conference compete to increase voter registration and turnout in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

A stadium-worthy track by Greg Smith of Kick Music supports the quest for the biggest trophies of the biggest Big Ten rivalries in an approachable, hand-drawn, and GIF-inspired graphic style. The spot has aired on the Big Ten Network, on social media (#B1GVotes), and on jumbotrons at college football games across the U.S.

Let’s get out and VOTE—because democracy is not a spectator sport!