NBC revives Erase the Hate campaign to help heal a ‘hurting America’

NBC is reviving Erase the Hate.

Deadline reports that Bonnie Hammer, the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment chairman who initiated Erase the Hate 20 years ago, revealed in a memo on Tuesday her plan to reinstate the anti-discrimination campaign over the next few months before a full reinstatement next year, which will feature several new programs and strategies.

Hammer spearheaded Erase the Hate while she was at USA Network in the 1990s. A pro-social campaign, it promoted tolerance and inclusion at the network and later evolved into the public service program “Characters Unite,” now an ongoing multi-platform initiative at USA. In her memo announcing the campaign’s revival, Hammer explicitly referenced the political climate and the need for inclusive messaging.

“Sadly, this work feels more urgent today than ever,” she wrote. “From my point of view, the choice is clear. We can sit back and be part of a hurting America, or we can channel our energy into something positive and do what we can to break the cycle of hate.”

Hammer confirmed that Erase the Hate will now air across NBCUniversal’s cable channels, using the “reach and influence of our entire portfolio to amplify its message.” She also hinted at the format it would take: “We’ll bring important stories to life in powerful ways and leverage our networks, relationships and talent to drive real-life impact on a national scale.”

Hammer listed a few Erase the Hate campaign highlights as well, which are quoted below via Deadline.