ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

Our mission
Empowering colleges and universities to achieve excellence in student democratic engagement.

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge is a national, nonpartisan initiative that supports and recognizes colleges and universities working to improve civic learning, political engagement, and voter participation. The Challenge encourages institutions to help students form the habits of active and informed citizenship, as well as institutionalizing democratic engagement activities and programs - making them a defining feature of campus life.

Former Secretaries of Education John King Jr and Arne Duncan at the 2017 ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge Awards ceremony.
Faculty and students from the University of Texas at Austin at the 2017 ALL IN Challenge Awards Ceremony.
Voter registration drive at Grand Valley State University.
Our impact

The Challenge works with more than 600 colleges and universities that enroll more than 7 million students across 48 states and Washington, DC.

People Make it Possible

ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

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Jennifer Domagal-GoldmanExecutive Director, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge
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Catherine FishManaging Director
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Ryan DrysdaleAssociate Director
The ALL IN Challenge provides a framework that helps our institutions articulate, embrace and embed a strong commitment to civic engagement in all that we do.
Jonathan Alger, President, James Madison University, September 6, 2019