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reform Title IX

It’s On Us and End Rape On Campus are working to prevent campus sexual assault and support survivors in making their voices heard. The Biden Administration recently proposed new Title IX guidelines that restore protections for student survivors of sexual assault.

We told the Department of Education:
We support the new Title IX guidelines that put students and survivors first.


End Rape On Campus believes sexual harassment can look different when it is aimed at these intersecting identities, and the proposed Title IX rule must be explicitly inclusive of all protected identities.

It’s On Us is calling for an updated Title IX guidelines that prioritize the protection of students and survivors, holds institutions accountable for preventing sexual violence, and ensures students who are sexually assaulted can continue their education. 

Celebrating 50 years of Title IX



Pledged to Stop Sexual Assault

It’s On Us is building the next generation of leaders in the movement to combat sexual assault by engaging young men and changing the culture on college campuses.


Students and Survivors Engaged

End Rape On Campus works to end campus sexual violence through support, education, and policy reform, centering historically excluded and systemically marginalized student survivors.

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