Who doesn’t like a good roadtrip?

We’ve got an exciting opportunity for current AND prospective college and postsecondary students. In partnership with career-exploration organization Roadtrip Nation, we’re offering the Beating the Odds Roadtrip, fueled by the ACT Center for Equity in Learning. BAM YES.

This road trip will send students cross-country on a FREE four-week adventure to interview inspiring professionals who overcame struggles to become successful in their careers. Along the way, students will discover different careers and pathways that connect to their interests. And of course, it’s being filmed for the Roadtrip Nation public television series. This (incredible) experience will introduce selected participants—and TV audiences—to all that students can do when they aim high, work hard and find their community.

Applicants should apply at THIS LINK by April 3, 2017.

If you’re not a student, pass on the info. You’re our route to getting the good news out to the students who could benefit the most from this. We’re counting on you.