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The COVID-19 vaccines were made to save lives.

The COVID-19 vaccines were made to save the moments we miss most. But to end this pandemic, we’ve got to ensure everyone has access to the vaccines and information they can trust.



That’s why Made to Save exists — we’re a national education and grassroots campaign working to save lives by increasing access to the COVID-19 vaccines. 


Vaccine equity and access in communities of color is our main priority. Across the country, we’ve all felt the impact of COVID-19, but the impact has been felt most by communities of color who are contracting and dying from the virus at disproportionately higher rates while also getting vaccinated at lower rates than white people.

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Our Impact

We can get back to the moments we all miss most, and over time, put an end to this pandemic.

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With hope on the horizon, many people in hardest-hit communities have questions & are facing challenges getting vaccinated—I’m working with Made to Save to save lives & get back to the moments we all miss.

Dr. Alice Chen
Made to Save Senior Advisor
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