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Statement from United State of Women Executive Director on SCOTUS Abortion Decision

(WASHINGTON, DC): Jordan Brooks, Executive Director of the United State of Women, released the following statement on the Supreme Court of the United States decision on abortion rights. 

The United State of Women joins the entire reproductive justice community in expressing our anger and dismay at the Supreme Court’s decision to allow state lawmakers to make decisions about our bodies and our healthcare. This decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will harm millions of Americans, allowing states to ban abortion and permitting Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban to go into effect.” 

“One thing is clear – abortion is a human right and politicians should never intervene with our decisions about our bodies. We join the community members, activists and individuals across the country both in our grief and our determination. And we know our fight must center the most marginalized because these bans on our bodies are most harmful to low-income communities of color.”

“People across the United States will still need abortion care and the United State of Women is dedicated to protecting abortion providers and patients at all costs. All people should be trusted to make the reproductive healthcare decisions that are best for them on their own terms.” 

USOW will continue to share resources and information for people who want to get involved in the fight for abortion access. Abortion is still legal in many states and USOW’s Abortion Access Hub  features an extensive list of actions people can take as abortion advocates including supporting abortion funds across all 50 states, abortion clinic wishlists, social media graphics and resources for people seeking care.  

Jordan is available to speak to press about the implications of the Supreme Court decision, including how abortion rights intersect with economic inequality, voting rights, parental support and other gender issues.