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Stand Stronger a national, multilingual public awareness campaign that promotes the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for citizenship among eligible lawful permanent residents, and also builds a volunteer corps to support them throughout the naturalization process. At its core, Stand Stronger aims to break down the barriers for eligible immigrants and refugees to become U.S. citizens. The Campaign reflects the belief that we are, and have always been a nation of immigrants, and one that welcomes those fleeing persecution. Additionally, Stand Stronger underscores that immigrants and refugees make us stronger when they are able to set down roots, harness their skills, contribute to our economy, and commit to citizenship.

“The true strength of a nation lies not in its might, but in the courage and conviction of its people — our hopes, our dreams, our boundless determination to set down roots and build a better life. And by becoming an American citizen, you’ll take an important step in securing those dreams for all of us. With the promise of better job opportunities, the rights and freedoms enjoyed by every American and with the chance to give back to the country you now call home.”
– President Barack Obama, September 17, 2015

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